Professor Gustaf Olson

Professor in Industrial automation and since 2006 professor emeritus at Lund University, Sweden. He has devoted his research to control and automation in water systems, electrical power systems and industrial processes. For the last few years his research has been focused on the water-energy nexus. Guest professor part time at Tsinghua University, Beijing and at UTM, Malaysia since 2006.

The Lund University pedagogical award for “distinguished achievements in the education".
Elected the “teacher of the year” by the Lund University engineering students.
Editor-in-chief of the journal Water Science and Technology 2005-2010. Member of the IWA Board of Directors 2007-2010.
Received the IWA Publication Award in 2010.
The awardee of an Honorary Doctor degree at UTM in 2012.
Received the Honorary Membership of IWA in 2012.
Appointed Distinguished Fellow of the IWA in 2014.

Instrumentation, control and automation in water systems since 1973. In parallel working with control and automation in power systems.